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The Skyline Sports Difference

Click around the site below to view the Skyline Sports Difference. Our mission is to create highly tuned athletes who spend a lifetime in their chosen sport, and we do this by understanding your goals, lifestyle and individual needs before tailoring a coaching or bodywork solution to suit your needs.

Qualified Massage Therapy

Qualified therapists who know what sports people need when they see a therapist. They understand the anatomy and physiology of those who train hard and can assist with massage, facilitated stretching, and take home advice to help your body perform at its best.

Personal Triathlon Coaching

We provide coaches who are qualified and insured and kept up to date on current trends within triathlon. We value ongoing development of our coaches and networking to bring you the best. Working one on one with our coaches will provide the best outcomes for your goals.

Online Coaching Programs

We provide a mixture of online and face to face training to suit your lifestyle. Sometimes, the most driven people don't need a coach to watch over them every day, but want a personalised program to assist with direction. Work with our coaches to make your program, then head on your way!

Triathlon Coaching

Want to get your Annual Training Plan set out for FREE?

  Skyline Sports Massage and Triathlon currently coach a variety of Short and Long course athletes, as well as beginners right through to seasoned veterans. The coaches at Skyline Sports work hard with you before you even become one of our athletes. Through a FREE two hour Annual Training Plan (ATP) development session, the coaches work with you on your goals, ambitions and expectations. The ATP follows you home whether you want to work with us or not, but if you do, we have many options available to suit your needs, budget and distance. Skyline Sports aim to create long term athletes, we believe in fun as well as performance on race day. Enter your details on the right to contact us to build your ATP today.

Massage Therapy

Have you ever gone to a massage therapist who didn't understand the needs of sports people? Us too. That's why we have a massage therapist who competes and understands the demands of endurance sports who can help you. Whether you need us once a year or once a week we can tailor a recovery program to suit you and help you be your best.

Our Athletes

See what some of our past and present athletes have achieved!

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