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Ballarat 70.3

Ballarat 70.3

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and written a race report, or even gotten excited to write anything about my coaching and athletes for a while. It’s been a long winter, going through surgery myself and athletes programs for their goals, and adding new athletes to the roster.

About 13 weeks ago I received an email from an Indonesian athlete who was racing at Ballarat. He wasn’t a first timer, but desperately wanted to break the 6 hour barrier he seemed to have on himself, so we set to work with 12 weeks to go for the race.

Mick is my long term athlete who has worked his way up from only being to able to run 20 minutes with a lot of soft tissue injuries to putting in a great prep for this race as well.

I was super proud of both these guys. Mas scored a 24 minute PB, and for 12 weeks of structured training across the seas that was awesome. He’s talking of aiming for Port Mac next year in May which will be super exciting, but for now enjoying a well deserved rest!

Mick as a first timer had a screamer of a race. Super nervous but handled things really well. Managed his nutrition over the day and has recovered well from the injury issues that have plagued him prior to working with me. We have had challenges over the last 18 months but we have been able to manage all of them for a great result.

Both boys times are below

mohamad mick

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