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Bintan 70.3 (Indonesia)

Bintan 70.3 (Indonesia)

I don’t post a lot over winter as the triathlon season here in Australia, and let’s be honest I get into hibernation mode a little.

I wanted to share with you a quick story about one of my super Indonesian athletes, Bagus, and his achievements last weekend at the Bintan 70.3

Bagus as an athlete is what I imagine myself to be after 10 red bulls. The man is enthusiastic and excited wants to know the “why” behind everything. As a coach, this is almost a dream athlete for me. I WANT an athlete who wants to learn why I schedule him a particular workout, I love the amount of feedback he provides, and we text each other at LEAST every second day. Even my husband asks me how Bagus is doing I talk to him so often!!

Before this race, his PR over a hald distance was at Mandurah, in a time of 6:47.
Last year at this race, 7:02. The race is hot, somewhat hilly and a challenge to most.

Bagus races a LOT. My biggest challenge was to get him to slow down a little! In fact, he’s racing another marathon this weekend!! I do worry quite a bit about injury, especially when he is so busy in his professional life as well.

So when he sent me a message straight after the race with this photo, I almost lost my mind on his behalf:

6:25! Not only is this a 22 minute PB from his best, but also a 37 minute improvement from last year!!

You deserve this Bagus, you’ve done everything I asked from you, and you are going to be epic.

Our season together is far from over now, we still have Ironman Barcelona and Ironman WA to look forward to, I can’t wait to see how he goes in these races with the form he is currently in!

(And yes, he will be taking a week off next week to recovery from the marathon!!)

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