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In essence… triathlon is just a swim, a bike and a run, right? Wrong!
Triathlon is so much more than that, which you will see from browsing around this website. It’s not just three sports rather than one, it’s also how those sports interact with each other that makes it such a fascinating and exciting sport to be a part of.

Jess, like many current age group triathletes, got into triathlon as a way to lose weight. Initially a frightening thing, she has found this whole world of acceptance, brilliant friends, and a new family from the experience!

From her first race in 2009, and with her background in swimming and swim coaching, Jess has spent the last 6 years building her knowledge base to work with beginner triathletes of all shapes, sizes, goals and ambitions.

Athletes who currently suit Jess are those who are starting out at any distance. If you want to do your first mini, or build up to your first Ironman, Jess can guide you through. She is always available to answer the smallest or biggest questions and guide you into and through the unknown.

There are many options for training with Jess, based on your goals, budget and race distance. You can choose to either have a personally designed program that you can complete yourself (works if you a super self-motivated, or looking for a cheaper personalised solution) in the form of our Online Programs, or you can choose a Personal Program method and have Jess writing your program every fortnight and delivering to you in your method of choice. Click on the links to explore the options, or send us a message below.

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Jess Van Der Peet aka Little Jess
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