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Personal Triathlon Coaching

Skyline Sports Personal Coaching programs are tailored to suit not only your goal, but your lifestyle and budget.
This means working one on one with Jess and her specialist coaches every week, to achieve what you set out to achieve.

When you work with Skyline Sports, we aim to empower you on your journey. We aim to give you the best program to make you the best athlete YOU can be, not a cookie cutter program everyone is following. You get an accredited and insured, Triathlon Australia certified National Performance Coach, Training Peaks Certified Level 1 coach, as well as  an analytical mind that comes with my engineering and business background. I am possessed when finding information that me and my athletes require, how things work, why they work, and how to implement these into each athlete’s program and how to react when an athlete responds to the information.

Each program that comes from Skyline Sports is individually designed and tailored to you. No two programs are the same, just like no two athletes, goals, and motivations are the same. Each packaged briefly mentioned below can be modified to suit you.

Mini, Sprint or Olympic programs (from $10 a week)
 – Beginner
 – Intermediate
 – Performance

Iron Distance programs (70.3 and above)(from $20 a week)
 – Bronze
 – Silver
 – Gold
 – Platinum

These programs are either delivered via Training Peaks, which can offer additional options in your coaching packages.

All athletes get access to the Members Only Area in addition to their chosen program which includes research papers, recommended reading and other tools to use over your journey. They are tried and tested before they are added to this section, so you can be sure that our coaches think they will benefit you!

Everyday and Race Nutrition (from $50)
Everyone remembers learning the food pyramid, but how much have your forgotten? How much do you know about food and nutrition requirements when you are training for an endurance sport? Do you want to lose some weight but the idea of “counting calories” does your head in before you even start? Do you simple have no idea how many calories you need to consume for your long races?
Then these consultations are for you. As a once off, you can meet with Jess and get a two week nutrition plan (everyday nutrition) or a full detailed plan with times (race day plan) designed for your calorie requirements.

My programs include sessions specifically designed for YOU, you goals, your time commitments and your fitness level. If you are a CCTS member this may include some CCTS sessions. They are not a bulk produced program designed for mass production; they are designed for you, WITH you. I will meet with my athletes (or at the very least discuss on the phone) requirements as often as once a week to ensure your goals and expectations are being met. This is applicable to ALL programs I produce.

This program requires a level of feedback which I attempt to make quite easy for you, as this benefits YOU the most if I know what is hard, what is easy and how you are feeling!

If you are interested in applying to work with Jess and would like to know more about her prices and services, please send her an email below.

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