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Service Pricing

Clinic Services

Initial Session Ongoing Session
Relaxation Massage  $              50.00  $                    40.00
Regional Treatment  $              50.00  $                    40.00
Aromatherapy Massage  $              60.00  $                    50.00
Sports Massage  $              50.00  $                    40.00
Strapping: Kinesio or elastoplast  $10-$20

Mobile Services

Initial Session Ongoing Session
Relaxation Massage  $              60.00  $                    50.00
Regional Treatment  $              60.00  $                    50.00
Aromatherapy Massage  $              70.00  $                    60.00
Sports Massage  $              60.00  $                    50.00
Sporting Groups/Clubs Contact us!


Initial treatments are 90 minutes in duration. This allows out therapist ample time to discuss any medical history, injuries or concerns and not rush through the orthopedic testing so you still get an hour massage.

All other appointments are 60 minutes duration.

NOTE: CCTS, GTD and Skyline Sports coached athletes receive $10 off their initial consultation and $5 off all ongoing treatments. 

Hours of operation available on the Contact Us page, or click the hand over to the right to book.

Card payments accepted both in clinic and for mobile massage.


Please note: As yet we are not affiliated with any health funds and do not offer rebates for Remedial Massage. This will be coming soon.

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