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Case Study: Endurance athlete struggles with soft tissue injuries (Post 2)

Part 2 of the endurance athlete case study, you can view part 1 here. What happens when someone starts an endurance sport? Definitions before we start! Parasympathetic nervous system: this part of your nervous system is responsible for the “fight or flight” response when stressed. Your adrenal glands send adrenaline into the system, and your…

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Case Study: Endurance athlete struggles with soft tissue injuries (Post 1)

Prepare while I go full nerd: I wrote this case study after 2 seasons with this athlete, and a long struggle with injury. I love looking into this kind of thing and putting together information, so it might get a little drawn out. Strap yourself in! Case Study: Endurance athlete struggles with soft tissue injuries…

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Why pay for a good coach?

So I am sitting here like I do every Friday afternoon reviewing my athlete’s data for the week of training they have just completed, and looking over this data helps me plan their training for the next week. I sit here often for up to an hour per athlete, depends on what they have coming…

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Could you be Over Training?

Catchy title that one. While over training is definitely a thing, these signs may also be a sign that you are under recovering; when it comes down to it, they are basically the same thing. I could do the typical 10 to 1 list here. It’s been done 100 times before, and you can definitely…

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Conquering Fear in Open Water Swimming 

Most triathletes I meet have already spent quite a long time running or cycling before they come to see me about their swimming. This is because it’s easy enough to start running on your own, and also easy enough to start riding a bike on your own. The movements for running and cycling have been…

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Ballarat 70.3

It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and written a race report, or even gotten excited to write anything about my coaching and athletes for a while. It’s been a long winter, going through surgery myself and athletes programs for their goals, and adding new athletes to the roster. About 13 weeks ago I…

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Healthy Eating versus Sports Nutrition

Yes there is a difference!! I couldn’t get my brain in the right space to write a blog post about this… so made a video. Enjoy!

Recipe: Choc Peanut Protein Recovery Bars

This is a recipe that I have adapted over a few years of training and racing, and you can amend however you need, but I find this to be the best!! This is SO simple, and they keep well in the freezer for a long supply of recovery snacks when you struggle to find something….

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The role of Nutrition in Triathlon

Let’s have a talk about the things most recreational athletes always intend to do… but never get around to! There will be four parts in this series, as I firmly believe that there are four things that are overlooked which are just as important as the sport themselves, from my point of view, the swim,…

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How to Recover

Come on. I don’t need you to tell me how to recover, lady. If that’s one thing I know about, it’s how to recover. Well sorry. I call bullshit in 9/10 triathletes. Triathletes are an interesting personality type. Most of the time they have an obsessive streak *AND I DO NOT MEAN THAT AS A…

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