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Trent A

Trent A

“I was really struggling to finish my sprint races. I had completed the Portarlington race three weeks prior and really struggled for most of the day. (800m swim, 26km bike, 8km run). I felt horrible and was not going to enter the Olympic Distance on April 6.
Jess not only convinced me to enter, but change my nutrition plan and I completed my first OD feeling fresh and ready to race again”

Trent finishing the swim

Trent finishing the swim

M35-39, from Berwick, VIC.

Trent was a first time ironman competitor who entered Ironman Melbourne 2015 on a whim, with a sprint being the longest race completed. He started working with us immediately post season break in 2014, with a 46 week run up into ironman.

Sam and Trent approaching the CCTS aid station

Sam and Trent approaching the CCTS aid station

Progression: Western Sydney 70.3 -> Challenge Melbourne -> Ironman Melbourne

Race Results:

Team Up Race 5 – 2013/14 – First OD

Trent OD                                        Ironman Western Sydney, Nov 30, 2014 (first 70.3)

Trent Western Syd

Challenge Melbourne Feb 1, 2015

Trent Challenge

Ironman Melbourne:

Trent Ironman

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